“The result is a book reflecting a lesson you can learn from Hideoki’s art and outlook in life: climbing up a difficult path can lead to the most beautiful views.”
Annemarie Zethof

Green and blue threads sew the two-part photo series to one cover. The first part contains the Okame (Japanese female mask) series printed in duotone with black and grey ink. The second part is Hideoki’s nature photographs printed in silver and white ink on black paper, making this chapter more literally and symbolically reflective.

The black-and-white photo book is a one-year visual journey that blends play and meditation. Inspired by the joyful Okame mask, this debut book unveils a series capturing the whimsical essence of family life in 1973. Challenging societal norms, Hideoki’s playful collaboration with his wife, Mary, tells a silent story through fascinating photographs.

The second part reveals Hideoki’s artistry in nature, defying conventions with photographs cut in half. A dance between recreation and rumination, “Okame” is an elegant exploration of life’s vibrant contrasts.

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Softcover: 107 pages
Publisher: IBASHO & the(M)editions
Art direction: Main Studio
Dimensions: 15.7 x 19.5 cm
First edition

Printed in October 2023 by robstolk in Netherlands

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