The Unequaled Beauty of Platinum Prints

Platinum Printing is the rarest and most extraordinary printing process. It is a thrilling fact that platinum is one of the most stable metals known to man. Furthermore, there are only a handful of skilled and experienced platinum printers in the world who can produce these hand-crafted photographs. So when we printed one of Hideoki’s photos of a rhino from his African series, we saw the picture from a very different light and space. The enlarged image transported us to an elevated experience in ways that we saw new and much finer details that we didn’t see before.

Photographs make passing moments standstill. Platinum prints last for a thousand years, and that’s countless interpretations from gazing at the same picture over many lifetimes. What other revelations can a photo reveal?

The process of platinum printing combines science, art, and poetry, and the result is unequaled beauty.

We are pleased to offer platinum printing for Hideoki’s silver gelatins by special order. Seize this limited opportunity.